Can I take you out on a personnel date?

No...I  do get asked this from time to time and the answer is no. My time and companionship is strictly professional.

How do you like your men?

I like my men to be...respectful...curtious...polite...friendly...warm and gentle...(there is no discrimination where race is concerned)...and even more importantly I do insist on extreme cleanliness prior to a meet...(showering facilities are at my accomodation if you need one when you arrive).

Do you do bareback?

No...absolutely not under any circumstances...so do not ask or try to insist...I do value my sexual health and expect that others I'm being intimate with to do the same and if you insist this during our arranged meet you will be asked to leave immediately.

Do you really enjoy anal?

Yes...I absolutely adore anal...I know suppose its not for everyone but I can guarantee that I will participate with you whether its a first time experience for you or not... but its also optional..lol.

Do you do 15 min quickies?

No...so do not ask as it clearly states what services I do provide and this is not one of them.

How do I contact you?

My contact number is stated at the bottom of My Home Page (on the left)...also see the contact form ...alternatively you can message me using the contact form.

Do you make arrangements by text?

No..sms messaging...(whatever the content)...and withheld numbers will be ignored. Call me directly to make booking arrangements.

Are the rates negotiable?

No... so do not try to barter as they are standard and all inclusive...but travelling expenses are not inclusive and additional donations will have to be made beforehand as and when arrangements have been made.

Do you wear sexy lingerie on a visit or meet?

Yes....definately on all occasions and my favourite are lacey lingerie with stockings and high heels and I can guarantee that is what I will wear for you when you see me face to face.

Do you smoke?

No...there is a no smoking policy at my residence...sorry. If you are a 'smoker' could you please have a 'fresh breathe' before arriving...its so much more pleasant.

Can I bring any alcohol or any substances to our meet?

No..absolutely not.. and if you are not coherant in my presences you will be asked to leave.

Do you like toys?

Yes...and if you have your own selection please feel free to bring them that would even be more amourous fun.

Can I bring you a gift?

Yes...What lady does not like a gentlemen who brings her gifts?. I do love sexy langerie...perfume and chocolates are my favourites and  would be much appreciated.

Do you meet with younger men?

Yes...I always ask beforehand and if you look younger than stated I will request to see ID prior to the meet....which is understandable....but I do like the mature younger guy who likes to have the experience of the more well establish lady.

Do you see older men over 60+?

Yes...there is no age discrimination as far as I'm concerned because I believe that everyone should be treated equally...fairly and respectfully regardless of age when spending quality time with me.

Do you meet with couples?

Yes...I enjoy 3somes. When contacting me directly I would need to speak to both parties for further discussions. Please note I will not make arrangements if...ie( single male) contacts me only. Donations of £260.00 will be required for the hour an an additional £100.00 thereafter.

Do you do overnights?

Yes with would consist of 8hrs+ but I would require that you do an incall booking with me first beforehand....sorry no exceptions to see if we felt comfortable with each other...I'm sure you understand. 

Are your pictures genuine?

Yes...100% genuine...(and verified by Escort Design)...and as I can assure you when you see me face to face...if you go on to my link/s on my other websites...(at the bottom of my About page)...where it clearly states that they have been verified as genuine.

Can I take picture of you during our meet?

No...I only take pictures on a professional basis...not for personnel use.

Can I have a face picture of you?

No... Discretion is something that I totally believe in and practice and also for personnel aspects...which is understandable...so the answer is no. When see me face to face I can assure that you won't be dissapointed...lol.

When were your pictures taken or updated?

My pictures were taken on the 28th June 2017 and are usually updated every 6-12 months.As promised I will always let you know beforehand when they are going to be updated on my homepage.

Do you partner or duo on arranged meets?

No...I'm independent and prefer it that way.